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Hi -
Does UIPath provide a test framework that developers can use to build their unit tests and run them on demand with every build? If not are there any tools on market that teams are using to achieve this in order to eliminate manual test efforts?

Hi Amit,

Here are the details about UiPath ReFramework which contains a folder Test_Framework. Please check it out and see if it suits your needs:


Thank you Ovi, i will check it out and get back to you to confirm if this works for us.

Hi Ovi -
Is there a documentation around how to use this test framework?

There is this pdf here:


Hi Ovi -
I went through the document to look for ways to use the test framework but could not find anything that may help. Document does not point or give information on how to use this framework.

Hi amit,

I am facing an exception error for REFramework with using System1 folder with System1_login Xaml.Not able to find any errors in that file.But while am trying to run,the exception error has thrown message is displayed.

Please find the attached screenshot of exception error message.

Hi @karthik89,
you may try to go to ‘Manage packages’ and check if your ‘UiPath.Credentials.Activities’ still needs to be installed (as well as other activities). After the installation close the program and re-open it - as advised by @Wim_De_Groote in the thread:

Does this solve your problem?


As per your mail, I have installed below package and i tried to run again.

Facing Exception error and xaml file displayed different information instead of data.


Check if the below thread is going to help:

The problem may be caused by some issue with your arguments, so perhaps double-check them and let us know if your query is solved :slight_smile:

I am happy to help you, could you send your framework.


_Test.xaml (5.0 KB)

I am facing error in System1 login xaml file while am trying to run that file.

PFA screnshots

could you send me the framework.


System1_login.xaml (15.2 KB)
Main.xaml (60.6 KB)

I mean one folder REFramework. :slight_smile:

Hi @amit_kshatriya,
Did you get any document stating how exactly the Test Framework can be used with examples.
Please share the link if found any.

Hi Rinki,

Have you got any Documentation on this Test framework folder in RE Fraemwork?

Hi Amit,

Have you finally got any documentation on this Test framework. If yes, Request you to share the details here.

No I didnt get much data.

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