Test Manager & Jira: Assign Test Result to Existing Defect

Hello @Gernot_Brandl,

currently there’s no option to assign a test result in Test Manager to an already existing defect in Jira. This would be helpful for the following scenario:

  • A tester executes a test.
  • This test fails.
  • The tester creates a defect in Jira.
  • The tester assign this defect to a developer.
  • The developer then starts fixing this defect.
  • The developer then claims that this defect has been fixed.
  • The developer assigns this defect back to the tester.
  • The tester then executes the same test again.
  • The test fails again.

In this scenario, the tester wouldn’t create a new defect but rather change the status of the defect in Jira, add the required information in a comment, and assign the defect back to the developer.

Therefore, it would be great if Test Manager enables the tester to assign a test result to an already existing defect. The log of the test result could be added to a comment of the defect in Jira.

Best, Emerald.

We are working on an update to resolve this. Solution will be different from your idea but give it a shot. Watch out for one of the upcoming releases.