Test Manager: Execute Requirements

Hi @Gernot_Brandl,

please enable testers to execute requirements in the following way:

→ Test Manager shows the number of linked test cases in the requirements table.
User Action #1: The user selects one or more requirements in the “Requirements” section.
→ Test Manager offers the tasks “Execute Manually” or “Execute Automatically”.
User Action # 2: The user provides a name for the related Test Execution and clicks “Run”.
→ Test Manager then show the results of the execution in the section “Test Results”.

It is not required that a test set is created in the “Test Sets” section since this “test set” won’t be executed repeatedly such as regression test sets or smoke test sets. The main use case is as follows: A developer fixes a bug of a requirement and assigns that requirement to a tester in some management tool (e.g., Jira). The tester should then be able to quickly execute the test cases linked to this requirement in Test Manager to provide rapid feedback to the developer.

Best, Emerald.

Maybe you want to take a look at the dynamic test set feature. It is not 100% what you are asking for but you can achieve about the same.

Nice! Thanks, Gernot.