Test Manager: Support Dynamic Requirements-Based Test Sets

Hello @Gernot_Brandl,

it would be great if Test Manager would enable the user to assign requirements to test sets rather than just providing the option to assign test cases to test sets.

The logic would be as follows: When the user assigns two or more requirements to a test set, then the user could choose which type of test cases (i.e., manual, automated) that are linked to each of the selected requirements should be assigned to that test set.

The resulting test set would be a dynamic test set. When the user links a test case to a requirement that is already linked to a test set, then this test case would be also automatically assigned to the test set during runtime. This would massively simplify the maintenance of regression test sets.

Best, Emerald.

As of version 23.4 it is possible to assign test cases to test sets based on labels. We hope this serves the purpose.

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