Test Manager & Azure DevOps: Bug is Predecessor of User Story

Hello @Gernot_Brandl,

there’s a bug in the integration between Test Manager (Community Edition) and Azure DevOps (Cloud). When the user creates a defect in Test Manager, then the bug created in Azure DevOps is set to “Predecessor” of the related user story in Azure DevOps (see screenshot below).

This doesn’t make sense since, according to Azure DevOps, “a predecessor is the producer of the work item, or the item that must come first”. This can happen but not with the integration between Test Manager and Azure DevOps since a bug is only linked to a user story when the user story is already there. Ergo, a user story always is the predecessor of a bug, and so a bug is always the successor of a user story.

Therefore, I suggest to change the default “link type” in Azure DevOps to “Successor” or “Related”.

Best, Emerald.