Test_Framework RunAllTest Error

Please suggest me…


check the arguments are created


Do you have the xaml inside that System1 folder.

You need to check the arguments value which you are passing in, one of the arguments seems blank/null.

Put the process in debug mode and print the value before calling the invoke workflow file activity.

this usually occurs when the arguments or variables in the activity where this error occured has no value in it
so kindly check once whether the IN arguments are given with variable having values in it

Cheers @ARahman

Normal mode is perfectly Ok… but when i run with in the Folder of Test_Framework - RunAllTest.xaml file then shown this error.

Check this
Arguments and Variables should have same name.
Might be value you are not passing as arguments
Check for the direction In, Out or In/Out
Finally check did you hardcode anything in the workflow