Test Data Queue not mapping to more than 1 test case

Hi all,
We have a scenario where there are multiple test cases mapped to 1 test data queue. Whichever test case runs, it processes the test data from the queues. This has been working fine for us for quite some time.
However, of late it seems that only one test case runs maps with the test data queue and for the others only 1 record gets processed at a time. There is no error thrown during the mapping as well.

Example if I have 3 test cases - a,b and c, which uses a test data queue TDQ1. There are 10 test data items in TDQ1. Only 1 of the process will be able to utilize the 10 data items, while the remaining 2 will only process 1 item per run.

This seems to be a either a bug introduced in the last release or an intended feature. Can someone please help?

Thanks in advance

Are you running it after publishing it to orchestrator or from the studio?

Running this from Orchestrator