Stop the process after catch activity

Need to stop the process if there is an error by using try/catch but after completing the activity inside catch

Hi @Soudios
You need to stop process after executing Catch?

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yes exactly

@Soudios Can you say the process Overview?

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have a look on

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This is my catch activity, and i need to stop it just after “Close Tab”

Use Throw Activity in the Catch and let me know

Exception = New Exception(“Ended”)

Perfect it works ! Thank you

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That’s Great

Use “Terminate Workflow” activity at the end of your catch block.


How i use Terminate Workflow because i need reason
same for catch block ?

Maybe it’s easier for other process

Right, You mainly have to provide values in two properties “Exception” and “Reason”.

Exception: you can pass original exception object.
Reason: your custom message about exception.


what do you mean by original exception ? Ex: New.exeption ?

Exception occurred in try block which is caught in catch block.
When you add catch block, you have to specify exception object in a box on right-top of exception block.

Something like this


If you want to specify new exception, use below syntax.


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