Terminal Wait Screen Text fails inside pick branch

I’m trying to respond to different situations using pick branch but I can’t get “wait screen text” to work inside “pick branch”.
Does anyone else have similar problems?

Was anyone able to confirm this?
Is this a bug?
I’m using BlueZone terminal emulator

Does it fail all the time or sporadic?

It works this way 100% of the time.

I don’t have much experience working with Pick Branch, but I assume the issue is because Wait Screen Text activity throws exception after the Timeout unlike Element Exists or Image Exisits, that’s the reason it is failing. Try keeping the triggers in Try/Catch and see if they work.

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Are you sure this is exactly the activity that’s failing?
Error message suggests that one of the pick branches got canceled and WaitScreenText doesn’t handle this well (speculation - I don’t work with Terminals).
Could you rename your activities so that log would be precise and/or check in the xaml which activity has id 31?
Does it also fail if the other pick branch only has a delay?

In the end it might just be that the WaitScreenText doesn’t handle parallelization well (PickBranch is essentially a parallel variant), but let’s be sure.

Below is the log for 3 branches after navigating through all the branches once. All the Wait Screen activities are getting faulted after 15 second timeout.


The problems is that waitScreenText does not work inside pick branch…

I tried making an example that you could run but I get XMLScreen:Render: BUGBUG XMLScreen.Field is blank" if I try connecting to telnet using uipath internal client…