UIPath Terminal Activities - Wait Screen Text question

Hi guys

I’m wanting to use “Wait Screen Text” but there are two possible strings that may appear that I need to account for. One may not appear at all.

I either want to Wait Screen Text on “press any key” and complete some actions, or Wait Screen text on “END”, meaning the job finished without the need for a key to be pressed.

I tried using Wait Screen Text “Press any key” OR “END” and then a Get Text/IF statement, but Wait Screen Text doesn’t like “or”.

Any thoughts on how to get around this?


Use Get Text at position and it will give you output as String. And then use IF condition to check whether it is equal to the required matching string. If yes then continue else do other steps.

Not sure if Get Text At Position will work, as it could appear on any line on the screen?


Then take any static text instead of looking for dynamic text.

Hi :slight_smile: I went in a different direction, but it has been solved.

I’ve had to do a WHILE loop with a delay/get text that continues to wait until one of the two strings appears in the get text, and then I do an if statement.

I was hoping to use Pick Branch but unfortunately Wait Screen Text and Pick Branch are not compatible.

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