Terminal Session Returns Blank Black Screen



I’m trying to create a terminal session within UIPath using the terminal wizard. After entering my connection details, the wizard displays the following terminal. No data is displayed and I can’t move to another screen from here. The terminal is a VT220 and I’ve selected

Provider: UiPath Internal
Address: my address
Port: my port
Type: VT

Any helpful hints for correctly starting the terminal are greatly appreciated!!


@dsutge - did you figure out a solution for this one? I am facing the same problem with VT100 connection.


I am also facing same issue. Anyone has any suggestions? Please assist.


I’ve seen this happen in some terminal configurations,the solution for me was to treat that black screen as if it were my terminal’s welcome screen and sent the first input that the screen would expect and Transmit. After that, the screen worked as expected. (In some cases, just sending a Transmit to get past the splash screen, in other cases, sending a user name).