There Was An Error Connecting To Terminal

"There was an error connecting to terminal. Error code:Error" when using terminal activities to connect to a terminal session. Other similar error messages are, 1. UiPath Internal Exception System Exception: There was error connecting to terminal. Error code: Error at UiPath. Terminal. Activities.Terminsal Session.End Execute(NativeActivityContextcontext, 1Async Result result)
  1. RocketBlueZone Error Code: Error in creating terminal proxy

  2. Message: There was error connecting to Terminal. Error Code: EhllErrAttach Source: Terminal Session Exception Type: Exception .

Perform the below steps,

  1. Check if the port 993 is open
  2. For IBM, use pschll32.dll and connect
  3. Ensure the emulator is 32 bit, the error comes if the emulator is 64 bit
  4. Drag a terminal session activity every time, create a new connection to open a recording wizard
  5. If afterwards the settings are modified or the connection string, the wizard will not open again to continue recording, create a new connection as it is the same for any emulator
  6. Run the process afterwards, it will use any settings placed there, even if they are the original ones or the modified ones
  7. When needed to change configuration, use a temporary workflow where it is possible to drag, connect, open the wizard, do whatever, save, and copy the resulting activities inside and paste it into good workflow
  8. For the password field to be encrypted, use Get password activity/ get credential activity and store the output in a variable, use the variable for further reference.