Terminal emulator error

Hi all,

I found various discussions on this topic but could not find a solution.

I connect from uipath to a terminal via the terminal.activities package, the connection I use is a direct connection and I have no problem interacting with the terminal.

the only problem is that activities such as “set field at position”, “set field value”, “get field at position”, etc. are not selectable in the recorder, and if I try to enter these activities manually, I get the error “terminal error”.

what is the error attributable to? Do you think it is possible to change the provider and connect in another way?

Thanks in advance

any advice regarding this topic??


I can’t really help with the recorder, I don’t use it because it’s so limited. Terminal activities are simple enough that just doing them one by one to build the process is fine.

Show the exact error, a screenshot or copy/paste from your Output tab.

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I have never used the recorder for development, but I think it is useful information that those functions from the recorder are disabled.

In development I use the activities provided by the package one by one, here is the error:

I don’t know why that activity isn’t working, I’ve found the “field” based activities are hit or miss. My standard is to Move Cursor to where I want, then Send Keys. Works flawlessly.

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Yep, exactly. I can use the move cursor but to make the robot even more resilient I would need to enable that functionality, but I can’t understand what it could be due to.

We didn’t have to enable anything to use Move Cursor. I think it’s a standard mainframe command.