Terminal session not connected

Good afternoon,
Quick question: when I use the terminal session and the terminal recording wizard opens, I thought it is supposed to mimic my screen, or look like my screen, but it is blank and says the terminal is not connected when I try to use any of the activities on the wizard? For this reason the other terminal activities are not working properly. When I use the terminal activities inside Studio and run them, I get a terminal not connected error. I searched the forum and I do not see anything for RocketBluezone. Do you have any ideas?

I thought it should at least connect to it in the recording wizard to be automated. The screen used to show the same as mine and in the recording wizard I could use the activities, but now it does not. I cannot delete the uipath.host because I need administrator rights. I have attached screenshots of examples and what my screen looks like.


I’ve never felt the wizard works, but depends on the emulator. If you are unable to connect to your terminal session, there could be a problem with your connection string. You can check the string in the Properties of the Terminal session activity, but since each emulator is different I would suggest working with UiPath’s Terminal activities team: Contact Technical Support


Hi @mlmyers

Instead of giving the profile give manually for address as your machine name port number is 80 or 23 and type as VT

Check this


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