Terminal Attachmate Extra Connection Failure



We have Terminal server with the details below,
Terminal Server - Attachmate Extra
Connection Type - TN3270

Using UiPath we are trying to establish a terminal session we configured for the ‘Attachmate Extra’ provider and used existing profile for the connection type. We are getting the below error

“Error connecting terminal: The specified session is not available”

Please help us to configure the terminal connection


Attachmate Extra connection doesn't work

Hi Sunithak,

Please find the below instructions that are essential to follow if you are trying to create a new terminal session.

In Attachmate Extra application, one must associate a session short name letter with a profile file (Options -> Global Preferences -> Advanced -> HLLAPI shortname); this letter will be used in terminal session connection dialog (UiPath Studio)
The session must NOT be started when connecting from UiPath Studio

Kind Regards
Jaffar Basha


Hi iam using IBM personal communication and i am opening terminal session from studio, is it a good practice??