Terminal activity can not connect to AS400

Hello there,

I want to connect terminal activity to AS400 via IP but it doesn’t connect, got a lot of errors like code error: error.
Recently i’m using this activity to another terminal and it works fine but i don’t know why in this terminal i can’t connect



Is the EHLL connection mode an option for you?
So try this after you have open the connection to Host eg. executing the ws file.
In case of you configure the profile mode (indicating the ws file) each connection activity is openinga new session.

Let us know the result

I’m using UiPath Internal connection for all my works in this terminal, but this one i can’t connect by address, the extension of this AS400 is .HOD

Yes, on the beginning we had same observation. Therefore it is recommendable to check the other configuration options as well. e.g EHLL. For some of our scenarios it was the working option

Already i used that option but…

Oh, However lets wait for other inputs from others or do some research in the forum on the posts. I do remember that my first terminal connection did also start with a fail. Finally in the team we did sort it out together with the Host Application Team and then a solution was found, in our case EHLL.

image I need open this terminal but can’t connect to it with UiPath Internal, could you tell what kind of services of terminal i can use for it?

Connected to terminal but it doesn’t shows anything, why?