Wait Field Text Terminal activity issue


Im getting Exception occured: Terminal error: NotConnected exception while using Wait field text activity as well as its alternatives Wait text at position and Wait screen text.
These activities seems to be waiting for the text when the workflow is run in debug but fails occasionally when we Run it.
Im currently trying to automate AS400 application therefore utilizing terminal activities for the same.

Can anyone please suggest? :frowning:

@jibanjyoti @ddrdushy1 Have you ever encountered any such issue? Kindly suggest if so.

Yes i have faced. Let me know which method you are choosing to connect with terminal.

Hi @jibanjyoti
I had used IBM Personal Communication to connect to the terminal. I had previously created a session to run the same.

Are you getting this message that Not Connected immediately? Once you start terminal session?

It turns up occasionally but not always (on Wait field terminal activity)

Check in task manager in Process Tab, for process: UiPath.Terminal.Host
If it is running and you are not able to connect, then stop the Process manually, restart Uipath Studio and retry again.

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increase the timeout of wait text activity

Hi All,

Iā€™m not able to login Terminal session,iā€™m getting issue connection error.

Please help me.
Terminal : MobaXtrem
Provider :CredSSP

Please suggest which provider work for this.