Technical Lead level interview question

Hi All,

How to design a solution for UiPath project ? Kindly share some Tech Lead level interview question

Hi @Shirish

Before the solution design, a technical lead should be engaged with the requirement gathering process to understand the as is process and how the to be process should be designed. requirement gathering will be mostly done along with a BA. The BA will consider the business aspect of the process and the business process optimization. Based on the documentation the BA provides to the tech lead, he/ she should start designing the technical solution of the automated process.

The SDD and the knowledge gained from the requirement gathering process is used to get the design done. Based on those, the tech lead should come up with a high level diagram of the automated process flow. The high level process flow should be then documented into the detail level. This is mostly done using tools like Visio. Once complete, the developers should be able to get an understanding on how the automation solution should be built by just looking at the diagram.

Once the diagram is done, the lead should also break the entire process into manageable segments for easy development and testing. Each segment should then be properly described as to what should happen in each. Going into the very detail level, would be better to describe each individual xaml file that needs to be developed and what should be included in it along with the input and output arguments. Having this is very much useful for the developers to guide them selves along the way of the project.