Document Understanding excel export error


I tried to extract a table from an invoice. All the data were extracted correctly in Present validation station. But when exporting that to excel, most of the rows were filled as “Key, Value”. What could be the mistake?
please help

Main.xaml (76.0 KB)

Hi @GaneshPalaniappan,

As you have looped through dataset.Tables, you need to loop through each row in the table. You need to add another loop to print the extracted values.


In this picture, row(“Bank_Name”).ToString ----> Bank_Name is the fields you have defined in Taxonomy Manager to extract from the file.

Is that “SL.No” field name spelled correctly as defined in taxonomy manager?



Yes … Its spelled as same as taxonomy manager

Any other methods to write the table in excel? @kramya1997

Ok, since we are trying to extract the table type value, we can use the previous method itself. Table type values will be provided in a different sheet.

Just try changing the sheet name to table.TableName instead of “Sheet1” where data is being replaced by new table values when for each executed.