Taxonomy manager not working in DU

Hi All ,

I am facing this issue with the Taxonomy manager, i guess its because of some issue with WinForms which uses .NET


I have already tried downgrading the Dependency many times and using the Latest .NET Framework!



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installing .net 5 should solve it


Hi @Anil_G Anil,

i have already installed .net 8


check the thread


do you have multiple versions?

also open event viewer and check for exact exception

after installing try to restart machine



@Krishna_Raj i downloaded but no effect


I’m able to reproduce this on my machine and able to fix as well.
I’m using latest community version

Try these steps.

Install .Net 6.0 from here.

Downgrade the UiPath.IntelligentOCR.Activities to version - 6.5

This worked for me. Try it.

Ashok :slight_smile:

Hi @ashokkarale ,

But when i am using ML Extractor its showing me incompatible error

keep upgrading IntelligentOCR package version one by one


do i want a specific version of .NET as i have 8.xx

Yes 6.0 was able to fix it.


Will i be able to use ML Extractor also with this release of .NET 6.0 as i am already using the Dependency 6.5.xx now


Not sure! Give a try.