Task scheduler issue

Hi All,

We are having 2016.2 version of UIPATH and we used schedule the process via Task Scheduler. Since from last few days , these process were not triggering via Task Scheduler but if we run then manually then they are running.

Please find the attached error screen shot . Also let me what are pre-checks needs to be done in order to run it properly, what steps I should taken into consideration.


HI Shirish,
as the version you are working is very older so i can’t predict much with it. but what you can try is using latest stable version of 2018 and then try if you schedule it now. Also can you please share the logs for this error.

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Hi ,

PFA logs. I believe, 2017 to 19 UIPATH version does not support the Windows task scheduler.

Please help.

ShirishStudio_Logs.zip (3.3 KB)