Task Mining recording software needs daily restart

Is there any way to have the Task Mining recording software start automatically on a daily basis?

Our users generally log off of their company-issued PCs at the end of each day, which closes down their Task Mining software and naturally ends the recording. The next morning, they need to contact the admins to start their recording again from the platform, then they need to consent, and are then able to start recording again.

As you can imagine, this doesn’t make for a great experience for our Task Mining participants. Is there any way this can be resolved?

Hi @mary_jeffers

I spoke with the Task Mining team and it seems weird to them because the behavior is specifically designed to avoid such non-friendliness.

Once the admin starts the recording for the user and the user accepts the consent, even if they restart the PC, Task Mining will be auto-launched and will auto-switch to the recording state.

They verified it is working on the latest version.

Would you mind sharing your version of Task Mining, as well as some details of your environment? More specifically:

  1. Project settings (especially consent related)
  2. Logs from any recorder (better to share them privately, not as attachments in the forum; you can send them via a private message to me)

One more thing - please make sure that you do not purposely stop recording via the admin console at the end of the day.

Hi Maciej - thank you for your response. We are currently using Task Mining 22.2.822, and set up our projects to require that the users consent to being recorded.
Here’s a very recent scenario: We kicked off recording yesterday for a team. This morning, one of the participants contacted me because her task mining screen said that it was waiting for the admin to start recording. She said that one of her colleagues also saw the same thing. When I looked at the console, the status for both of them was “recording”, but one user had a green dot next to their name, and the other had a gray dot next to their name. I stopped their recording and then restarted it. That seemed to fix the issue for today.
I will gladly send logs, but it appears that option is disabled for me (do I need to stop their recording first?) – and would I be able to provide the logs in the collaboration portal?
Thank you again!

Hi @mary_jeffers

Sorry for the late reply.

Please see below the steps to share the logs:

  1. Open Task Mining application
  2. Press Gear icon in the right upper corner
  3. Go to About menu
  4. Press Open link next to the Logs label
  5. Compress everything as ZIP and share via suitable channel

You can then send them to me here on the Forum via a private message and I will pass it to the team.

Alternatively, it might be a good idea to take it via the official technical support channel. For that, please see this form: