Target found but with fallback methods

Hi community.

I’m selecting a text field of a website and I got a message like this: “Target found but with fallback methods”.

Withouth anchors I got 50% of validation.

I tried to add anchors ( next to the text field) but I got a low percentage of validation - 25% … How could I avoid this error or increate the validation percentage?

Hi @pprin001

Looks like you are using an anchor in another application, different to the browser, please focus all your anchors within the browser and same webpage


That was a mistake while I was capturing the image but It looks the same error without that.


Please click on the blue ui explorer icon on the selector window or from the studio menu bar and indicate the required element and then find a reliable attribute from the centre top and right top menus …and then use the selector in the strict selector to get the proper one

You can find reliable by not having any numbers and onlys tatic attributes in it…in the centre menu if you move up the tree from bottom you might get a row which contains innertext as the anchor you indicated as well which can be used instead of an anchor