Tally automation

can we automate tally application?


Hi @monikanimbalkar can you elaborate the issue to easily address it thanks :smiley:


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i used tally application.but can not select the element.
check screenshot

Is this a website or windows applications or how did you access it please tell me more. Thanks @monikanimbalkar

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I didn’t work on tally, but as some software will restrict the automation, so try to do using image automation, you also can use computer vision for better image based automation

As of now there is no activity for Tally, Please refer the below post

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its possible, but we wont be able to access the elements directly
still we got many options to do that in a reliable way
–first is SEND HOT KEY Activity with key as tab, enter, down, up, right which will help us to navigate across the fields in the application and to reach to a specific field use n number of send hot key activities and once after reaching we can use TYPE INTO ACTIVITY with our input string and no need of selecting any element
–computer vision activities

–image based automation like CLICK IMAGE, FIND IMAGE, TYPEINTO ACTIVITY

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Hi @Palaniyappan
try to enable java extension and check

Ashwin S

Hi @monikanimbalkar

Yes , Tally processes automation is possible. I have used UiPath capabilities to automate Tally processes in our lab and its working fine :slight_smile: .
The approach is to use:

→ Send hotkeys with tabs or shortcut keys from moving from Landing page of Tally to your required page and field
->Type into activity to input text in that field.

Eg : create voucher → send hotkey V etc
→ count the tabs needed to reach the filed where the text to be entered.

Hope this is helpful!