Take Screenshot of specific area of image

Hi ,

Actually i want to take screenshot of particular area of a image. So how is it possible?
Now whole image is taking as screenshot.


  1. Use Take screenshot Activity [ Select particular area from the page, what u want to capture]
  2. Use Save Image Activity and pass that Screenshot O/P to the image.

PFA the workflow for reference : Main.xaml (4.2 KB)

Suppose this is my image just i want to take screenshot of 1. So now its taking whole image.Please find my below image.


In takescreenshot activity, while indicating on screen , just drag the area which you want to capture.

Main.xaml (4.5 KB)


thanks it worked now…


Hi Rashmi,

I am facing another issue. When i run my bot i increase the image file size to suppose 100% and when i took screenshot is at 85%. Now when i run my bot it is not taking the exact picture. so how to handle this scenario.


could anyone please help me out …to above question


While taking the screenshot make sure that screen is in 100% then capture the image and run your BOT.

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