Screenshot Area Incorrect

I am trying to take a screenshot of a portion of a screen in my automation. I am using the take screenshot activity and indicating the element I wish to capture. However, when I save the file, the output is a different and incorrect region. I am wondering what I need to do to capture this specific element. Thank you for your help

Do hover for same element you indicated in take screenshot than it would be in forscreen and can get the exact picture


Try Set Focus instead of Mouse Scroll.

Also, you should be working in modern, it simplifies taking a screenshot and saving it to a file. That’s just one of 1000 reasons you should be working in modern.

So I changed it to a set focus… I’m not sure if it matters that the element is not immediately visible when opening the screen (as in its further down on the page). I still get a screenshot of the top right of the webpage as opposed to the box highlighted in the element exists, focus, or the take screenshot table. Thank you for your help.


Show us the properties of the Take Screenshot activity.

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I’m assuming something needs to be done to alter the output piece of it? I am getting the screenshot outputted every time I run it, but it is the wrong area, so I had assumed the selector itself was the issue. If it is an issue that the output pieces or other properties need to be changed from the presets please let me know. Thank you again.

Expand the Target property so we can see that.

That’s just weird, you don’t have anything odd configured.

You could try indicating a parent element of that box. You might get more in the screenshot than you want but at least you’ll get what you want.

One thing I noticed is you don’t have a lot of the Take Screenshot properties I have:

Are you on an old version of UiPath.System.Activities? I’m on 23.4.4

I’m thinking an anchor might help, or setting visibility to fully visible but you’d have to upgrade system activities to get those properties.

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