Take date from a column and write last date of that month in the message box

In the sheet Last Date of Month.xlsx (8.4 KB), i want the last date of Posting Month shows in the output and the date format will remain the same.

Please help

@Swara_Soni You can read the Excel File into a Datatable using WorkBook Read Range Activity. Then you can get the Last Value of Posting Date Column in the below way :

Let DT be the datatable variable, then :

DT.Rows(DT.Rows.Count-1)(“Posting Date”)

Have you tried this ?

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@supermanPunch Thanks for the reply but i think you misunderstood …i want the last date of month like here the “Posting Month” is 01 i.e. January, so i want the output to be 31-01-2020 i.e. last date of January month and so on for each month which is mentioned in the last row.

@Swara_Soni ok. So that Column will always contain the dates of one month only ?

@supermanPunch Yes it will contain dates of one month only… but i want that it will pick the month from last row only and then give the output accordingly.

@Swara_Soni Check this Workflow :
Test2.xaml (5.9 KB)

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