Table Extraction Wizard not identifying a column

Hi team,

I want to extract certain values from a website in tabular form. The data is in the same order across the page, it is able to identify the first value but not the line items below it as different columns when selecting add new column button on the Table Extraction Wizard. I have uploaded the image too for reference. Is there a way to override the common functionality,
so all the line items can be selected as 3 different columns since the order of info is the same across the page Thanks!

I am pretty new to UiPath as a tool, therefore any help will be appreciated.

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For identifying the table generally it uses the table tr and td tags…if the table displayed is not using those then table extraction might not work as expected.

You can as well play around with the xml to identify different data columns

Then you can try using for each ui element activity and loop through each similar element and extract the data

please try the same


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Hi @Raghav_Dhawan,

What I understand is you want to extract data from a website in tabular form, but the Table Extraction Wizard in UiPath is not able to identify the columns correctly. To override this, the user can use the “Data Scraping” feature in UiPath Studio, select the first value to extract, and then manually edit the columns in the “Edit Columns” dialog box to match the data they want to extract. The user can then use the resulting DataTable variable in their workflow to manipulate the data as required.