Table Extraction stops at some point

Hi guys,

I do some table extraction and it all works well, but at some point it just stops…

I extract contacts from Outlook (.msg file) and in total there are 258 rows but it stops at row 240.
Weird thing is, it stops right in the middle of it:

It’s something like: „Schuster, Cedric; cedri…“

It just doesn’t continue there, I‘ve already deleted this contact hoping this solves it, but then I had the same issue with the new 240st contact.

Limit for extraction is set to 0, Selectors are checked, where needed I added a „*“. Also tried stuff like delays.

AND: If I use the preview everything is working correctly, so it’s just when I debug/run the file…

Hello there @cedric.schuster and welcome to the UiPath community !

I did a quick search on the forum, and have found two solutions for two different problems you could possibly have :

Take a look at these links, and let’s hope one one of them solves your issue.



Try to scroll till end and then extract

Also where are you checking the data? if in locals panel or in output panel then it generally shows limited characters but everything would have been extracted try to write to excel and check


Oh thanks, I didn’t know that there is a limit for the output panel… Everything works. Thanks :slight_smile:

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