Table Extraction Next Page Problem

I want to read data from bis site to excel. I’m using Table Extraction for this but I can’t use the next page feature to move to the next page. because I have to do multiple clicks to move to the next page. How can I solve this problem and how can I go to the other page and add the records from that page to my excel file.


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You can try keeping the table extraction in a loop and perform the steps of clicking next after the table extraction…

The loop can continue till the next button is disabled which can be found using find element or Element exists

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Do you have an example on this? I’m a beginner and just learning. When I try something like a loop, the documents I get from the first page are gone, and the documents I got from the second page are overwritten. I don’t want this, I want what I get from the second page to be added to what I get from the first page.

Hi @Arzu_Kaya ,

Could you show us how you have performed the implementation ? We will be able to help you better if we do get a visual on your work.

Hi @Arzu_Kaya,

You can inspect the target website and find a reliable selector (id or unique class ) for Next button.
After choosing the Next Button feature in table extraction edit the default one with your selector.

Btw are you using modern or classical Table Extraction?

this is my UiPath view.

I want it to select the one below from the dropbox in the picture I took and add it to my excel for each selection.

Of course I added.

Hi @Arzu_Kaya ,

when you are looping put a condition at very first iteration of the loop use write range and then onward use append range which will append the data in excel and will not override your existing data.

@Arzu_Kaya ,

I believe every time you are extracting the data in a loop, you are writing the data back to the Same Sheet, Hence the Data is getting overwritten. Try to add an Index to the For Each Loop, then use it along with the Sheet name so that you will have Different sheets with the data extracted.

If you want the data extracted to the same sheet, you would have to use the index to identify if it is the first Loop, then use Write Range Activity else use Append Range Activity. The condition can be applied using an If Condition.

Let us know if you are able to follow the approach mentioned above or still have doubts.

I have no clue how to do this :frowning:

I’m already using Table Subtraction for what you said, but I can’t use the next page feature to move to the next page. because i have to do multiple clicks to go to next page

@Arzu_Kaya ,

I believe a For Each Loop is being used. Create an Index variable like shown below :

Next, you would need to modify the last part of your workflow. Adding a Condition and then deciding to Write or Append as shown in the image below :

The above is just a skeleton, you would need to adapt to the activities in your workflow.

How do I understand where I should put the foreach structure?

@Arzu_Kaya ,

It was assumed you already have the For Each Activity in place and that is why the Data gets over-written. However if that is not the case, the could you provide us with your xaml file if possible ?


Basically you have to keep your extract datatble activity and excel scope activity inside for eacha nd then use the logic given to append or write based on the index of the loop


Yes of course. but is it ok if i keep it private for you.then we will answer the solution openly here.because my username and password is required to login to the system I mentioned

@Arzu_Kaya ,

You could send it in private if there are confidential data involved.

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Where can I send you a private message?

Hi, I would appreciate it if you could post the solution here after solving the question privately, I am facing a very similar problem.