Table Extraction does't find all data

I use Table Extraction to retrieve data about apartments for sale from a website. The problem is that the program doesn’t find all the data. For example, if there are 41 results on the page, the program only saves the first 9. This issue persists on each page. I’ve noticed that adding a mouse scroll activity (scroll down) above the table extraction activity allows the results from the first page to be saved completely. However, the mouse scroll doesn’t solve the problem for each subsequent page. Can anyone guess what the problem might be and how to solve it? Both in the Target and Target (Next button) options, I have “Wait for page load - complete” selected.


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after click next you have to perform a mouse scroll again

for each page you have to

directly usign taqble extraction next button might not work…you need to perform a loop with click scroll and extract till you reach last paage


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