System1_UploadYearlyReport Cannot find "Report was uploaded..." message


I am facing an issue on trying to get the text for upload confirmation. I noticed that in IE, there are 2 different popup windows. This is making Get Text activity don’t find the popup window.

This is are the selectors for both popup windows.

Window Popup 1


Window Popup 2

The selectors are different in both windows.

How could the selector be in order to find the window popup to get the text?



Hi @mapastorg

I would suggest you to make use of the parallel activity available with UiPath to handle either of the pop ups or the other way to go about it is

Use element exists activity and check which of the pop up is appearing.

Then try to read the contents from the dialog.

In either approaches whether you are going with parallel activity or the elemet exists method i would recommend making the selectors dynamic and make it more reliable like ctrlid,class, the number displayed after confirmation id etc…,

Hope this helps.!

Happy automating…!!

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