Generate Yearly Report. Conifrmation ID for upload not consistent?

I find the message prompts from the website the most annoying to handle of all. When i thought i finally fixed it, previously when it was always stopping after the first message box then i solved it and it continued on…UNTIL the 5th or 6th one it will then be unable to get the text of the confirmation ID again! How do i fix this?
I have tried to made it dynamic however it never seems to work fully as it always stops at some point being unable to find the text.

Any way on how i should change my selector or activities?

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Try below selector:


It does not work when the other kind of message prompt comes out with this selector

And when then i have this the very first kind of message prompt will not work with this new selector


<wnd app='iexplore.exe' cls='#32770' title='Message from webpage' />
<wnd ctrlid='65535' title='Report was uploaded - confirmation id is*' />

Have you tried this selector or not?
I tried it with different confirmation Id’s and working fine. I did not find any error with this.

yes i have

it didnt work for this message prompt because this one is different


Could you please show me selector once ?

Are you using Get Text activity or not to fetch confirmation id from this pop up ?

i managed to solve it to cater to the two different message prompts

using a try catch activity



Ok. Great :grinning:

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