System String Variable

How to add system string data type, if I browse also I am not able to find the data type of System String?

Hi @kumarswamy_h

You need browse from -


Yes, I can find it But I need System.String data type

You mean array?

If it is array,


If I need to find the files in a folder we to use .net method and it requires System.String data type. how can I add that because I cannot find if I search with system.string also

Is that you need right?. as i mentioned in the screenshots

@kumarswamy_h Here you go (10.8 KB)

Hi Indra, Can you please send me the step how should i add the zipe file and where to add.

I am new to UI Path.


1)store zip file path in a variable (v1)
2)use select file activity
3)use type into activity
4) pass variable (v1) and enter key you can use enter key in type into itself