Data type system.string[][]

Sorry for a very obvious question. Can someone tell me which data type in the lookup gives in a UiPath data type of String. I can locate String, but not .

The odd looking boxes are two sets of left and right square brackets!

That is a type of (Array (array (string)). Basically you’ll set a variable with a type array <> then in the type of the array you’ll set another array with the type string.
That will give the data type String .

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@ChrisC1 When Selecting the Datatype of a Variable, Click on the Array[T], You’ll get to Select Datatype Again, Select Array[T] again, You’ll get to Select Datatype again, This Time Select the String Type. That will give you a Datatype of Two Dimensional String


Here’s a screenshot of the procedure:

  • The 1st one is the first data type of the variable
  • The 2nd one is the type of array (array(string)) which you’ll set for the 1st one.

Hopefully that helped answer your question.


Thank you! It’s obvious when you know how!

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