System exception in Catch block of BRE in RE framework

Hi guys, I have a process in which, I need to throw a System exception inside the BRE Catch of Process transaction. I added a try catch in BRE Catch and it’s able to catch it successfully, but I want to catch it as SE and not BRE. I’ll appreciate any advice :slight_smile:

HI @Anived_Mishra

Use a throw inside and set New System.Exception(exception)


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HI @Anived_Mishra

You can try with Throw activity

New SystemException("Your Message")


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Hey @Sudharsan_Ka do you mean I should rethrow as System exception in catch of try catch of BRE?

You cant rethrow as another type of exception

you need to use throw activity @Anived_Mishra


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Okay, thank you. I’ll try and let you know :slight_smile:

Hey @Sudharsan_Ka @Gokul001 I threw system exception in the catch block but the process just ended and didn’t go to exception of the outer try catch. Any advice ?


You need to provide that inside Try catch (i.e. Catch block in BRE should also be inside the Try Catch )

Use the throw in the try block and catch that as System.Exception in BRE catch block

Thank you, I was able to assign Business exception to nothing and then bot was able to assign the exception to System exception!

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