How to use try catch in RE framework process state machine?

Hi all, I’m developing a data insertion process where i get data from database and insert it to a web page. So I’m using try catch inside process state before clicking on final submit button. Now the problem i face is whenever there an business or system exception it will skip the entire try catch and go to final submit click and wont register or update the error in final databases log. Any solution

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Inside your new try catch block do you have Throw activity… you need to throw the exceptions and catch it wherever you want.

You should throw the application exception then the process will retry. If you throw business rule exception it will continue the process with next item.

This is what i do take the exception as argument and pass to process state machine try catch.

Just use throw activity inside. and pass the value as new BusinessRuleException(exception.message)


Thank you it worked

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Happy learning :slight_smile:

Thanks it was working fine.

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