System Exception handled with Retry scope

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I have completed up to Condition block in ELEMENT EXIST. But i dont know how to do after steps. I cant able to know how to add No of Retries and Time interval. If possible please share the System Exception handled with Retry scope Project Video. Thank u.

@zio_karthick : Please find screenshot for your refernec here you will find on Properties panel option for Number of retries & Interval time:


In Action Section you can perform all the action & In Condition Block will be verification point where you will make sure that all the actions which you have performed has been executed or not.

For Eg: Lets say you are working on Login Page Automation, so in Action you can add Type Into activity to enter “UserName” & “Pasword” & Click activity to click on “Login” or “Submit” Button & in Condition you can capture the element which will indicate successful login, with Element exist activity, so whenever Bot enter Username, password & click on Login button & successful login elemnt exist then Bot will come out of Retry scope activity

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So You would have to use a Retry Scope Activity, place the code that you want to retry inside the Action block. It could be a single activity or multiple set of activities.

In the properties section you would have to put something like this:
The noOfReties should be an integer number
and RetryInterval should be in TimeSpan ie. hh:mm:ss format

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