System error at initialization

Hi Folks,

We are trying to run our process in production moving from quality.
Once we run the process we face with the issue that we are not very familiar with.
Can you please look at this, any suggestions?

Thank you!

Hi @niteckam,

This is something we need to compare the quality environment with the production environment.

  1. Windows Operating System - version and bit to be compared
  2. .Net framework installed - to be compared, check for latest version and install it.

This issue is because you are using ClosedXML and use that you must refer DocumentFormat.OpenXml.dll

Copy DocumentFormat.OpenXml.2.5 folder from C:\Users<User>\AppData\Local\UiPath\Activities from your development/test server to the production system C:\Users<User>\AppData\Local\UiPath\Activities folder