Switch Tabs in SAP

Hey guys,

in my workflow I have a problem with SAP I have several tabs where I need to switch to and put in some data. The question is how I can click on them dynamically. I thought that I can use the SAP activity “Select Menu Item” and it switches but it doesn’t do the job. It gives me an error: “This control does not support Select Menu Items activity”.
I can show you a screenshot whick makes it easier to understand the issue (from the circled tab to the underlined tab:

Hopefully you can help me out! :pray:

HI @achalisma

My docu is saying to use Click or Select Item Activity

Select Menu Item is used to be used with Main SAP Menu, see here

Best regards, Lev

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Thank you!
I did it with the Select Item activity. It took some time to find the right indicator on the screen :smiley:

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