Switch statement contains

I want to be able to activate an account on whether the person approving the account has replied through email with “Activate” or “Denied”
I have written something already that works with multiple ‘IF’ statements but I though using a switch statement would be a lot cleaner.
I’ve attached what i currently have in my workflow, where it find the right words in the email but when it goes tot he switch statement it just uses the default case and ignores that expression to to use the other 2 cases. The for loop is looping through an array for the correct strings and it check if that the string in the array exist in the email.

Hi @michael.p.wilson,

In the switch case your expression item.tostring contains Activated or Denied i think, can you print the same, i think may be there is an extra space or item.tostring has value of lower case.

Because in If condition you are converting to Upper case and performing the operation and in switch you have not done thant

“Item” in the array are all UPPER. I figured it out. I shouldnt of been putting the case scenario values in quotations, Not “ACTIVATED” but just ACTIVATED. :rofl:

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