Using Switch activity to verify emails with subject type string

Hello Forum,
I would like to know if Switch activity allow us to “Filter” or verify IF email’s subjects comply with defined strings…
For exemple: i have a set of emails (each one with diferent subjects) and i want to establish some actions to follow depending on the differents types of string subjects.

If it is possible, i would really appreciated you cooperation

Here is what i was trying to make it work…without succes

take note that all precedent activities work well. however when using switch it seems that my expression is not correct . i would really appreciated if you could indicate me how to operate the expresion to catch string ATCP



Ideally how switch works for exact match…may be your expression can be like this


And add case A B and ideally C here is like default


Hi @Ricchch

we don’t use switch for those kind of expression, it is just to validate an string based of the content and perform actions, you should use and else if activity in this case


Thanks @Anil_G

Gracias @fernando_zuluaga

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