Switch from one tab to another in same browser

Please anyone can provide proper example to read data from one tab and use that data in another tab of the same browser. here consider in both tab website is different …we need to switch from one tab to another using uipath.

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You can simply extract the data from one tab and click on the second tab at the top of the browser to use that data.

What browser are you working in?
In Google Chrome - CTRL + SHIFT + TAB will send you to the next tab.
In IE - CTRL + TAB will send you to the next tab.

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We can use Send hot key with key as ctrl+Shift+tab
That would help us to navigate between the tabs opened in same browser
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @kruti_kapadia

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You can use Send Hotkey activity to switch the tabs with the Key Combination of Ctrl+tab.


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Hi @kruti_kapadia

If you want to switch from a tab to another regardless its position, you can use the “activate” activity by selecting any element in the page that you want to switch to.



thanks all for the reply , but i think i am not clear with my question … i want to open one website in one tab and another website in other tab then want to switch from one tab to another then again go to original tab.

@Palaniyappan I am trying to change the tab and then make a “click” on a button in that new tab. In that case do I need new “Use Application/Browser” activity with new URL of that new tab?
If so, can I open that new URL in the same window so that there no log-in issues?

Use Send Hotkey.
Set it to use Ctrl and the number of the tab you want (e.g. Ctrl 2 for the 2nd tab).
Alternatively, use Ctrl PgUp/PgDn to progress left/right through the tabs

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First open oone website using open browser activity and then use send hotkey activity with CTRL+T to open new tab and then enter second web site
after that if you want to switch between tabs use ‘activate’ activity or use CTRL+tab