Switch Activity Expression Field

When it comes time to add the switch activity in my if/else activity, the expression field is blank and will not let me select anything, i have tried multiple times.

Hi @Joel_Metheny

Are you using switch or flow switch activity.

I am using the switch activity

I am using switch activity.

You can give the expression in expression field.

At the bottom of that activity there is add case option click on that option to add the cases. Inside the each case you can add other activities to move forward.

Hope you understand!!

So I cant click on the expression field and there is no plus sign to add it. Is there something i’m not doing? It seems easy but i’ve tried restarting and following step by step with a video. Every time I add switch it does this.

Okay got it.

In Studio x If any activity is inside the If condition or for each the + symbol is faded out.

Drag and drop the switch activity out from the from each excel row condition and you can find the + icon you can add your expression and again place the switch activity in the same place.

There is one more way to do it click on the Switch activity and open the properties panel in the properties panel you can find a expression field in that field you can find out the + icon you can add your expression from there.

Hope you understand!!


Can you try going to manage packages and change the system activities package version to any other version other than current and check if it gives you the option


Thank you so much, I was able to do it both ways. I didn’t even know that property tab was hiding there.

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Thank you @Joel_Metheny

I hope you got the solution. Make mark it as solution to close the loop.

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