Unable to find expression for flow switch branches

II have a flow switch activity however I am unsure where the logic is to say ‘if this then go down this branch’

Hello @E.T.S, check this out:

  1. Drag and drop the Flow Switch activity into your workflow.
  2. In the Properties panel of the Flow Switch activity, you’ll see the “Expression” field. This is where you specify the value or expression that you want to evaluate.For example, let’s say you want to evaluate a variable named conditionValue. You would enter conditionValue in the Expression field.
  3. Once you’ve set up the Expression, you can add branches (cases) to handle different values of the expression.
  • Click on the “Add Branch” button in the Flow Switch activity.
  • In the “Expression” field of the new branch, enter the value or expression that corresponds to this branch.
  1. Inside each branch, you can add activities that you want to execute if the condition of that branch is met.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Hi @E.T.S

  1. Drag and Drop Flow Switch Activity: Start by dragging and dropping the Flow Switch activity from the Activities panel onto your workflow.
  2. Configure Expression: Double-click on the Flow Switch activity to open its properties. In the “Expression” field, you need to specify the value or expression that you want to evaluate for branching. This could be a variable, an argument, or any other expression that produces a value.
  3. Add Cases: You can add different cases based on the possible values of the expression. Drag the button to add cases and specify the values for each case. For example, if your expression is a variable named “condition,” you might add cases like “Case 1” for when the condition equals a certain value, “Case 2” for another value, and so on.
  4. Add Activities Inside Cases: For each case, you can add the activities that you want to execute if that case is matched. To do this, simply drag and drop activities into each case. These activities will be executed when the expression matches the corresponding case.
  5. Default Case: You can also add a default case that will be executed if none of the specified cases match the expression. This is optional but can be useful to handle unexpected scenarios.

Hope it helps!!


Flow Switch (animalName)
Case “Dog”:
Log Message: “This is a dog.”
Case “Cat”:
Log Message: “This is a cat.”
Case “Elephant”:
Log Message: “This is an elephant.”
Log Message: “This is an unknown animal.”

In this example, if animalName is “Dog”, the Flow Switch will execute the logic under “Case Dog,” which is to log the message “This is a dog.” If animalName is “Cat,” it will execute the logic under “Case Cat,” and so on.