Sum total row amount matched with date and store code and paste into another excel sheet

i have storelist.xlsx in that columns names like Total row amount |Store code| Date processed by Bot
if date and store code same match sum total row amount and paste into another excel-2 of date row match.
how to calculate this can any one help this.

excel-2.xlsx (7.8 KB) storelist.xlsx (9.3 KB) is

Hi @Anand_Designer
Did u mean if the date of both excel files match we had to add the Total row amount there in excel-2.xlsx ?

is it right?

yes, but should match store code and date from excel-1. then sum total row amount and paste into excel-2.xlsx

Hi @Anand_Designer

Check this workflow
sample (2.0 MB)


Nived N

Happy Automation

mean-- store Code s207 and date 09-28-2020 both matched
then total row amount sum s207 ==278.31 paste into excel-2 .xlsx that date

IF S209 Date-9-29-2020 both are same sum total S209 total amount=983+312=1295 and paste into excel-2.xlsx that date

Did this Workflow satisfied ur query?

Thanks for given Solution to me @NIVED_NAMBIAR

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i have another query for this… can do sum store code wise without compare date

mean i need not compare two excel date. only use store.xlsx sum store wise amount , use that variable in log message…i
can you give solution this way ?

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