Sum of excel row values and update status in another excel

Hi guys,
I am trying to compare two the summation of two excel column row values , compare the result and update Success status in first excel. Though i am able to perform summation of row values , but while Updating the Status UiPath is taking 7 minutes since there are 30,000 records . Any idea how I can speed up writing to excel. I am using Write Range activity.

Please help, Thanks in advance.

Hi @Shailesh123

if both the results are same set a flag as Pass
and not match means sets as FAIL

Ashwin S

U can use write cell at say C2 i.e. for summation SAY


Then use auto fill range

“C2:C”+TotalCount.Tostring------(Using Read Range and then Datatable.rows.count)

similarly for Sheet or excel 2

Then for Success flag

**use write cell** 
**Formula : =IF(C2=Sheet3!C2,"Success","Fail")**

Similarly use autofill

@ImPratham45- what do I mention in Source Range ? I assume both Source and Destination range will be same in my case.

Source will be the cell no in which you put your formula i.e. C2