Suggestion on designing a Low Level Design [LLD] for RPA project in UiPath

Can you please help or let me know on how will my Low Level Design will look like if my High Level Design is as below, as I am new to the RPA development-

Basically, we want to automate a process which takes the tickets from service now of the users who requests to create an account/role in different application portals depending on the application type and then update them via email also manager approval is taken into consideration.

As we have HLD for the same. Just want your inputs on LLD and the framework architecture if possible.

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first learning stop would be: RPA Business Analyst Foundation
dealing with such questions and shows structured approach

in general to break it down it is very important get at least following covered:

  • input / output
  • Happy path / side path
  • exact step description on keystroke level
  • exceptions

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

Take a look at