Design Document (SDD/ DSD) Assistant

Ask any developer about documentation, the common answer: boring but, important :woozy_face:
We generate :robot: bots to assist others, so we deserve a bot to assist us.

One such important area is SDD/ DSD generation for each process.

I have made a humble try to make a bot that reads your process and generates an SDD for you.

Well the bot can’t generate entire design, but it can take care of boring stuff like:

  • Project name
  • Project version
  • UiPath Studio version
  • Process type (Background/ Foreground)
  • List of packages used with versions
  • List of workflow files
  • List of arguments w.r.t. workflow files

And, you can modify the template to suit your requirements.

Please, find some time to try and review this solution.

Thank you.


This is lovely!!!

It’d be great to collaborate on more of these assistants - @andrew.harmse