Subversion/TortoiseSVN Merging Conflicts

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Subversion/TortoiseSVN recommends following the trunk/ branches/ tags approach for development. Main development occurs in trunk, new features/experimental changes occur in a branch and are merged back, and each release is tagged.

However, I have noticed (serious) issues in merging changes in project files. Specifically, Main.xaml also contains code for the workflow visualization, which create -in my opinion- unnecessary conflicts during merging that are practically impossible to resolve without corrupting the file.

How do you go about merging project folders using Subversion/TortoiseSVN?

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Did you ever solve the issue or figure out an optimal way of using SVN with uipath?

I feel like SVN and uipath don’t really play well together, and we can only use SVN at my company. Currently we do all development in the trunk and have never branched out due to merge issues. We also have to make sure only one developer is working on a single piece at a time for the same reasons. It’s a bit cumbersome and annoying but we haven’t found a good workaround, so it’d be great if you could share any ideas

Hi Dave,

Unfortunately no real solution as of now. I did notice that non-main XAML files fairly easily merge with only a few conflicts appearing, which are easily identifiable and resolved. What we now resort to is developing on trunk, creating a branch for experimental features or for updating selectors for anticipated GUI changes. After testing we cherry-pick the changes to trunk, delete the branch and tag a new release. Fortunately, we usually have max. two developers working on one project, so there is no real need for branches per developer as in a larger-scale software development project.

Regardless, it would be helpful if merging functionalities with SVN could be improved, perhaps by offering a native solution within UiPath Studio.


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